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Age recommendation: 6-10yrs


Our flagship creation, 'Inspire House' is the first building within an expanding range of 100% customisable construction set toys. All Bauen City buildings can be rebuilt and attached together in any way the child desires, empowering your child to dream big and craft their very own distinctive city.



1. The instructions are created in real engineering softwares and they contain a variety of engineering facts, pictures and knowledge to enhance the building experience


2. Stickers showing floor plans are included and can be positioned where the child believes best. Please note: the multi coloured floors on the first product image are a represention of the stickers


3. Bauen City enhances dozens of key early age skills. Read about these skills in the 'About Us' section of this website


Read more about Bauen City in the 'About Us' page of this website.

Inspire House


    • 59x precisely engineered pieces
    • A3 instructions that resemble real engineering drawings


    • 19x unique stickers which need to be carefully positioned in the building as the child see's best


    • Engineering did you know
    • Engineering houses
    • The best engineers know - 'columns' edition
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