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Why bother? 

Excited Children in Science Class

- What is Bauen City?

Bauen City is a toy store that designs and manufactures its own unique range of construction set toys that keep children away from any screens. All Bauen City buildings can be rebuilt and attached together in any way a child desires, creating a 100% customisable minature city of dreams.

- What skills does Bauen City develop?

Problem solving, decision making, creativity, spatial awareness, engineering concepts, attention to detail, planning, organisation to name a few.

- What do we stand for?

We stand for equality in the work place and therefore demand that parents allow their daughter to use this toy, not just the son.


- Why is Bauen City necessary?

We understand the tendency of schools to focus solely on traditional subjects like mathematics and English, often neglecting the practical, real-world applications of these subjects. For many children, the concept of civil and structural engineering remains elusive unless they have a close family relative in that industry.

This is precisely where we come in—to dispel the confusion and cultivate a passionate generation of skilled engineers, who start laying the groundwork for their engineering prowess from a much younger age.

- What do we aim to achieve?

Our mission is to ignite the spark of engineering in the hearts of the next generation through an engaging and interactive approach to learning about civil and structural engineering. Engineering, a truly rewarding and thrilling profession, stands as the cornerstone of the world. Nevertheless, the call for fresh, skilled engineers continues to rise. 

- Our commitment to you...

We are committed to giving your child a fun, positive playing experience away from any screens whilst teaching a variety of extremely valuable skills into them. We take pride in the quality of our products and are committed to providing exceptional customer service.

Join us on our mission to empower young minds and build a better future!

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